The Hong Kong Stock Exchange launches a $ 37 billion takeover bid on the London Stock Exchange. The City is afraid to see the venerable London Square led by the Chinese Communist Party. This is what awaits the English, outside the "cocoon" European: to be instantly chewed by Beijing!

The London Stock Exchange could be bought by the Chinese!

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (China) on Wednesday launched a surprise takeover bid to 35 billion euros on the London Stock Exchange. It sounds strange but the stock markets are companies like the others that can be bought, like an airport.
Suffice to say that this Chinese raid was very badly received in Britain. The British government has already indicated that this poses national security problems. And because a scholarship, it is a strategic tool. This is where companies raise money, capital.
The London Stock Exchange is the European leader in equities, bonds and the world's leading foreign exchange market. It's the City, with thousands of banks, law firms or law firms!

Can we give the keys of all this eco-system to the Chinese?

Chinese people whose practices we see in Hong Kong. The boss of Hong Kong Airline Cathay Pacific was sacked because he had too much sympathy with the protesters.

Will the English never let the City go under Chinese control?

Indeed, it is already rumored in London that one of the loopholes would be to get the Americans savior to sell in New York, rather than Beijing.
So we see now what awaits the English outside the European Union, be immediately chewed by the Chinese or Americans to choose.
This misadventure of the London Stock Exchange also shows us the absolute necessity to change our practices in Europe. In 2016, the London Stock Exchange wanted to merge with the Frankfurt Stock Exchange to create a global giant. The European Commission has banned this marriage, in the name of competition.
Result, today, London is chewed by the Chinese.
It is high time to allow and assume the creation of global giants in Europe, otherwise we will all disappear.