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The American Guild of Music Artists (AGMA), the US opera union, has announced that it will conduct an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination against Spanish tenor Plácido Domingo in the face of the "uncertainty" of the investigations they will conduct The opera houses.

As indicated in a statement, consulted by Europa Press , following the allegations made public in the press, AGMA demanded that its signatory companies employing Domingo initiate full investigations into the accusations against him .

However, the union notes that these companies "have not been willing or unable to provide AGMA with sufficient guarantees on the scope and timing of their investigations , as well as whether the findings will be publicly disclosed or not."

Therefore, the union has hired J. Bruce Maffeo of Cozen O'Connor, a former federal prosecutor who has extensive experience in conducting similar investigations on behalf of the unions, to conduct the internal investigation.

"Given the uncertainty surrounding the investigations of our signatory companies, AGMA's internal investigation will not be limited to behaviors that occurred in a specific company or at a particular time," said AGMA national executive director Len Egert.

Egert has also indicated that this investigation will also address "systemic failures within the industry that could have allowed this behavior, if warranted, to continue without being questioned for decades." "In light of the seriousness of the accusations and the number of AGMA members that may have been affected, we believe that this investigation is necessary at this time, " he says.

"The health and safety of AGMA artists is of paramount importance to the Union," said AGMA President Raymond Menard. " Every AGMA artist has the absolute right to go to work without fear of sexual harassment, discrimination or aggression. As a union, our job is to make sure that our employers keep our members safe at work," he added.

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