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In the fall, autumn was the key time for major musical releases, with an eye on Christmas consumption. Today, the center of discographic gravity has moved towards spring and summer, but the fall of the leaves brings with it an interesting panoply of novelties with which to get rid of the restraint and the summer lobotomy.

Charli XCX: 'Charli'

Tired of being the composer 'machaca' of others (the 'I love it' of Icona Pop, the 'Miss' of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello), Charlie XCX plays it twice or nothing to be a star in her own right with his third album (fifth, if we have 'mixtapes'), in which all 'quisqui' of the current 'molón' pop appears: Sky Ferreira, Cupacakke, Clairo, Lizzo, Troye Sivan, Christine & The Queens ...

September 13th

Pixies: 'Beneath the Eyrie'

Silly, silly, the Pixies are about to reach the tetralogy of records in their second reincarnation, almost a quarter of a century after their dissolution. It is true that no one, not even the most staunch fans expect anything from the new Black Francis songs. So this 'Beneath the Eyrie' is, like the two previous albums, an excuse to go to concerts.

September 13th

Amaia: 'But nothing happens'

The winner of 'Operación Triunfo 2017' has taken more than a year to release its first album. At this point, all of your promotional partners have already started (and, in many cases, even finished) their career. Although he has lost precious time, Amaia has a 'cool' aura among musical intellectuals, such as the Primavera Sound festival or Los Planetas.

September 20

Liam Gallagher: 'Why me? Why not. '

The title could be one of those great 'left over' that the little Gallagher is marked when he wants to touch his nose. Actually, it is a combination of the titles of two Lennon drawings that Liam has in his possession: one that he bought and another that Yoko Ono gave him. Which is, in turn, a 'left over', in plan: "I am John's heir." They produce Greg Kurstin (Adele), Andrew Wyatt and Simon Aldredd.

September 20

M83: 'Digital Shades Vol. II'

Just before taking off with 'Saturdays = Youth' (2008), Anthony González made a record that seemed like a small thing, although in the end it didn't. Hence I returned, 12 years later and after having moved in the field of numbers 1 ('Midnight city'), to that post-analog universe, with more nostalgia than a game to the SNES in your room of your parents' house .

September 20

Kanye West: 'Jesus is king' / 'Yandhi'

Another from whom nothing is expected. Or everything is expected, with Kanye the thing goes like this. The fact is that this year I was going to see the light, finally, 'Yandhi'. After comparing himself to Jesus Christ in 'Yeezus' (2013), now it is up to Gandhi in what should be the continuation of the mediocre 'Ye' (2018). But here is that Kim Kardashian announced a few days ago that Kanye would publish a new album, titled 'Jesus is king', at the end of September. Will it be 'Yandhi' with another name? Will it be something else? (emoticon biting nails with fruition).

September 29th

Wilco: 'Ode to joy'

Once solved his solo adventure (the albums 'Warm' and 'Warmer', published between last year and this one), Jeff Tweedy recovers Wilco's dynamics. 'Ode to joy' comes with a minimalist cover, such as 'A ghost is born' (2004) and the usual inertia of electrifying the white-rooted music of the United States based on experimentation without leaving mother.

4th of October

Los Planetas + Niño de Elche: 'New Force'

After the 'anarch' turn of 'Temporarily autonomous zone' (2017), it seemed inevitable that Los Planetas would end up joining forces with the troublemaker Niño de Elche. Their joint album, which they have been shelving since the beginning of the year, is called as the ultra-right-wing party of the end of the last century and the Hispanic Day is published. Among the themes that include, 'Una, glans and free' and 'Song for the workers of the SEAT', a reinterpretation of 'Els segadors'.

October 12 °

Kim Gordon: 'No home record'

One day you play the bass of 'Teen Age Riot' and, the other, you are 66 years old. Still, Kim Gordon is going through a second youth after the end of Sonic Youth and his divorce from Thurston Moore. In 2016 he published his memoirs, and now, beyond the retirement age, he debuted with his first solo album, 'No home record', which will be accompanied by - it could not be otherwise in a former Sonic Youth - an exhibition of art.

October 13

Bast: 'Fire'

In October 1999, Spain saw how two Cornellá charnegos ate the world dressed in T-shirts of Homer Simpson and singing macaras rumbas of smoking joints and roaming the gachíes: 'Tu calorro', 'La raja de tu skirt', 'El del del middle of the Chichos' ... 20 years later, the Muñoz brothers vindicate that musical revolution that is still felt today with their tenth studio album.

October 18

Rob Halford: 'Heavenly'

For 20 centuries, it is we have celebrated the birthday of Jesus Christ in different ways. It may have been necessary to pass through saturnals, 'saved' fir trees in houses, zambombas, socks full of gifts and New Year's Eve specials until reaching the culmination of this Christmas process: a carol record by Rob Halford, leader of Judas Priest, recorded together to family and friends

October 18

Neil Young & Crazy Horse: 'Colorado'

The first Canadian veteran record with the Crazy Horse in seven years (since 'Psychedelic pill') will also be one of the best on the team, in the words of its author: "We think we have made a great Crazy Horse album, one that can look from you to you at 'Everybody knows', 'This is nowhere', 'Rust never sleeps,' Sleeps with angels and the rest. "

October 25

FKA Twigs: 'Magdalene'

Now that Lola Flores is referred to as the "Rosalia of the twentieth century", it is worth investigating the true references of the singer of San Esteban de Sasroviras. Among them, the London FKA Twigs is not usually mentioned, but its way of merging electronics with established genres (in its case, the R&B), as well as its commitment to the excess in the visual (dances, video clips, costumes), make it a clear predecessor. It has taken five years to publish his second album, co-produced by Nicolas Jaar.

October 25

Celine Dion: 'Courage'

There is still no exact date of publication. It is only known that it will be in November. 'Courage' is the record return of Celine Dion after the death of her husband, the tycoon René Angélil, in 2016. It is also her first album in English in six years and a return, says the diva, to Celine pre-Las Vegas .


Ozzy Osbourne: 'See you on the other side'

On December 3, Ozzy turns 71. More than he (or any other human being) could have imagined. That is why, a couple of days before, the godfather of the 'heavy' publishes his complete works in a 'deluxe' box: 16 albums in 24 vinyl LPs. The last thing we would like is to see Ozzy picking up cable, but age is age.

November 29th

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