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Andy Muschietti: "Stephen King is my hero"


It under the direction of Andrés Muschietti - or Andy as they know him in the Hollywood circle - premiered in 2017 and nobody thought he was going to become the overwhelming success that

  • The institute: Terror and reality, the hallmarks of Stephen King

It under the direction of Andrés Muschietti - or Andy as he is known in the Hollywood circle - premiered in 2017 and nobody thought he was going to become the overwhelming success that came to position it as one of the highest grossing horror movies in history of the cinema Since then, with the rumors of a second part, all eyes were on It: Chapter 2 that was released last Friday in Spain.

The second part that is also directed by the Argentine director and produced by his sister Barbara Muschietti and that has the participation of international actors such as Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy, follows the line of the homonymous book written by the master of terror Stephen King (Portland, 1947) in 1986.

Some information: It was the novel number 18 published by the American writer and is inspired by a Norwegian classic story, The Three Gruff Male Goats . In it, three goats cross a bridge under which there is a terrifying leprechaun who wants to eat them. He forgot shortly after the idea, but somehow it was there, germinating. This is how It was born, a malevolent entity that adopts new forms according to the fears of the person who is terrorizing and that every 27 years wreaks havoc in the fictional city of Derry: disappearances, murders and the worst nightmares among the inhabitants of the population.

Muschietti who previously surprised with the thriller Mama (2013), produced by Guillermo del Toro, is considered a fan of the horror genre but especially Stephen King who qualifies as "a hero" .

Frame from the movie 'It: Chapter 2'

It , says the director who came into his life in his teens and since then became a kind of "obsession." "For me, the book is very important because it marked a stage in my life. I have lived with him since I was 14 years old . Re-establishing myself with this story to make an adaptation was very exciting," he said in an interview with THE SPHERE OF PAPER in London.

His new adaptation covers the final parts of the novel, in which the children who form The Losers Club (Beverly, Bill, Eddie, Stan, Richie, Ben and Mike) appear as adults, with new lives surrounded by professional successes And sentimental. When they meet again, after 27 years, it is not precisely to share their best moments of recent years, but to face once again the dark past that unites them with Pennywise at the head.

It: Chapter 2 is the most faithful adaptation of the novel . This time, Muschietti included two of the most controversial scenes in King's novel: a homophobic murder based on a real-life incident in Bangor, a city northwest of the state of Maine, where King lived, and the domestic violence he suffers Beverly Marsh's character. Issues that were not part of the plot in the 1990 adaptation by American producer and film director Tommy Lee Wallace . Then, It was in the form of a mini television series (two episodes) but then came to the big screen with actor Tim Curry playing the terrifying clown who stalked the sewers and fed on the children's panic.

Muschietti considered that these scenes were crucial for the film to be "connected with the times we live." According to the director, with these details the public - especially the adult - "can be identified more". "The story takes place in the same world that we knew from the first movie with the characters being children. In this chapter there is a dialogue between the two timelines that is very important for the sequence of events, although there is greater emphasis on issues that they are typical of adulthood as the fears we face, "he said.

Stephen King himself gave approval to this production , contrary to what happened with Stanley Kubrick's The Shining (1980), whose adaptation of the novel earned him critical criticism of King for moving away from the original plot.

Andy Muschietti tells that the writer got so involved in the project that, in addition to providing some details to the script, he agreed to make a cameo in the story. "He came to visit us on set, he stayed with us in Canada for three days. It has been the most rewarding," he said.

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