Wednesday, in "Without Rendez-Vous" on Europe 1, the psychoanalyst and sexologist Catherine Blanc has looked into the concept of good luck.

Have I been up to it? The question of performance is of concern to many men around the world. Wednesday, in "Without Rendez-Vous" on Europe 1, the psychoanalyst and sexologist Catherine Blanc has looked into the concept of good luck.

The question of Cédric, 24 years old

How can I tell if I'm good?

Catherine Blanc's answer

Cedric really wants to go to efficiency, even in his question, which is very direct. So obviously, the question is delicious because being a good shot, it is an adequation between oneself and the other, it is not to be a good technician. A woman is not a moped down with a notice that one fiddles in all directions until it starts. The reality is that there are two humans who meet and there are associations. Some are good, some are not. This is really a very naive, but very logical question for a young man of 24 who is surely looking to show that he is able to get into the big leagues.

There is, of course, no foolproof method?

Not absolutely, and all those who have had multiple partners can testify that all the pleasures did not go through the same path. This is the proof that there is not a single position, a single path, a single caress.

Is it a question of longevity?

It can be a good shot without lasting very long, there are also women who are bored if it lasts too long.

What is a good move?

It's just a "right" moment between two people, it's neither a story of timing nor power of pleasure. It's a match. All the women who will tell a man that it was a good move for her, it was an appointment that was not missed. Afterwards, the very notion of rendez-vous not missed differs according to the women: for some, it is to have had a lot of pleasure, for others, it is the feeling of security, of tenderness, of softness, of 'love.

Are these performance questions more masculine?

Yes, it is a male concern because we make men carry a hard mission that is to have to propose, to be up to the task, to overcome all the accidents between him and his partner ... In fact, the man has the idea of ​​being a knight able knight of all these adventures, when a woman is going to be in the home and will decide to whom she will give her rose. This being the case today, women are increasingly claiming to be a good shot, which serves their femininity.

Do men progress with time in their performances?

Yes, except that there are other concerns among men. But with time, we gained peace: we stop to look at each other, to evaluate each other's bodies, on the shivers of the other, we are more peaceful, we do what we know make. The more we want to prove, the more it reflects our fear, our internal anxiety, and we magnify the other. The more we mature, the less worried. And we know that even if we do not band, we can laugh.

There can be delicious moments even in the event of a fiasco. If we think that a woman must be lubricated in less than two seconds, if we say that a man must bandage in less than two seconds, it does not even leave the pleasure of bringing a woman to its lubrication, and a woman to bring an unwanted erection.