Pope Francis has criticized xenophobia in Europe. She reminds him of his own words to the time of National Socialism. "Sometimes I hear speeches similar to those of Hitler in 1934 in some places," said the Head of Catholics on the return flight from Madagascar to Rome.

Xenophobia is "a disease, like measles". "It's a disease that invades a land, a continent, and we build walls," said the Pope. "And so often xenophobia rides on the wave of political populism." Francis has always been against racism and exclusion. He also repeatedly calls for help from migrants.

On his way back from Africa, the Pope also commented on climate change and was shocked by the rapid melting of glaciers and polar ice. When he saw the image of an ice-free ship route over the North Pole, he was "afraid," he said. The "biggest fight" for ecology and biodiversity is led by young people. "They have the clear consciousness: It is our future," said the Pope.

The Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 was a first step forward, followed by the Katowice Climate Conference in late 2018, the Pope said. These meetings helped to "raise awareness".