La Diada is a celebration that explains national drift very well. Before he tried to awaken the consciences, the non-nationalists were obedient to the rite and there are still those who regret that it ceased to be "the feast of all Catalans."

At this point I have written a message to Arcadi Espada : "Hey, have you ever believed that the Diada was the party of all Catalans?". He replies soon: "I strongly believe it. Some celebrate victory and others defeat."

I suspect that the constitutional official faced the day with a less strenuous spirit. Those infamous walks to the Rafael Casanova monument were a form of penance for the Spaniards. They wanted to be counted among the defeated and that was their defeat. Many of them learned too late that the sacramental absolution of nationalism would never come and others are about to learn it. To understand what the peace of consensus in Catalonia consisted of, it is necessary to return to those offerings lubricated by the maulets spit. There was an unspoken pact of aggression.

Every nationalism needs a mythical place to return to, which is like saying that it needs a loss to celebrate, hence the Day offers the perfect catharsis. There was never deception about it. Sincerity is another feature that makes September 11 a scale reproduction of nationalist construction. In the note of the BOE that informed in 1980 of its declaration as National Party is everything: "The national recovery of the towns happens, without a doubt, for the recovery of their institutions of self-government (...). The Catalan people in the times of struggle was indicating a day (...) that, if on the one hand it meant the painful memory of the loss of freedoms, on September 11, 1714, and an attitude of active demand and resistance against oppression, it supposed also the hope of a total national recovery. "

Today the PSC insists that the Diada has been kidnapped. Even the PP says it has degenerated. They have never had to read the invitation. The process has granted nationalism a new defeat to celebrate. The interesting thing about this edition, so refined, is no longer the desire for integration in the defeat of the traditional victors but how those who ask for mercy for the defeated will be received today. It is evident that, however nationalistic they may be , their clamor threatens the festive spirit of the day and it is likely, I could bet, that there are those who let the spoilers know.

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