Abu Dhabi Art has unveiled the names of its curatorial curators and artists in charge of presenting exclusive works for the 11th edition of the exhibition, which will be hosted by Manarat Al Saadiyat during the period from 21 to 23 November next year.The annual exhibition will present modern and contemporary works of art with the participation of 40 leading and emerging international art galleries.

Organized under the patronage of HH Sheikh Khalid bin Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Member of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council and Chairman of the Executive Committee, the 11th edition of the exhibition will feature a program of exhibitions, commissioning and artistic dialogues, with the participation of a number of prominent artists based in Dubai, including: Rokni Harizadeh, Husam Rahmanian, who will oversee the Afaq .. Emerging Artists initiative, Paolo Colombo, the curator of the visual art exhibition Bawabat, and Dr. Omar Khalif, who returns to Abu Dhabi Art to oversee the exhibition »For the third consecutive year, to c Neb Jerome Sans, who will coordinate the 'New Dimensions' section, which is being organized for the first time, has been dedicated to highlighting contemporary Asian art creations, with the participation of Ashwin Thadani, the owner of an art gallery, who will present new Indian art exhibitions to be exhibited in Abu Dhabi for the first time. Section «New dimensions».

Durable platform

Saif Saeed Ghobash, Undersecretary of Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism, said: “Abu Dhabi Art Exhibition continues to grow and succeed year after year, with our continuous endeavor to provide every new and innovative in each of its sessions, as we work to make the exhibition in its 11th source of inspiration thanks to its diversity and innovation And his vision of art and integrated programs for cultural and community awareness ».

“Abu Dhabi's art has grown considerably beyond the traditional dimensions of annual exhibitions and has become a permanent platform offering a year-round art program, including individual exhibitions and general commissioning work. This is what has placed it today among the major international events in the field of modern and contemporary arts that are characterized by cultural diversity, for its pivotal role in promoting the elements of the creative community within the UAE ».

Global and emerging

Diala Nusseibeh, Art Director of Abu Dhabi Art, said: “Art Abu Dhabi has successfully developed its exhibition section, organized by its guests and curators, to ensure that the exhibition rooms are presented in a dynamic manner in accordance with Abu Dhabi Art standards. The new sections of the exhibition include a section on contemporary Asian art, supervised by curator Jerome Sans, a section highlighting Indian exhibitions and organized by Ashwin Thadani, in addition to a section (spaces) under the supervision of Dr. Omar Khalif, who is returning to participate in the exhibition. “We hope to work with these prominent figures in the art world to offer visitors an exceptional opportunity to explore the creations of international artists, both renowned and emerging.”

“The participation of Harizade, Ramin Harizade and Hussam Rahmanian will be a central part of our program, given their contributions to the UAE art community and the guidance and collaboration of young artists for many years, making their role in overseeing the prospects of emerging artists. ), A step that represents a natural extension of their current practices. Paolo Colombo has a proven track record in organizing several major exhibitions, most notably the Venice Biennale, famous for its artistic dialogues between historical and contemporary works. We are excited to learn about the links that he will bring within this year's exhibition, in the presence of works on loan from Al Ain Museum for the first time. In Abu Dhabi Art.

The artist Oliver Bear has an in-depth background in music and fine arts, which led him to an early interest in the relationship between sound and space, where his new work is expected to reflect this concept. “I am eagerly looking forward to working in Abu Dhabi for the first time. The work I have been assigned to Abu Dhabi art is in direct harmony with the spirit of the city, and will interact with children and give them a rich reference to look at the cultural past, present and future of the capital,” he said.


Aisha Hadhir, Rawdah Khalifa Al Ketbi and Sheikha Fahad Al Ketbi are among the selected artists in this year's Afaq .. Emerging Artists Initiative. It will run until January 25.

Sheikha Al Ketbi said: “I have spent more than a year discussing with Ramin Harizadeh, Ruknayeh Harizadeh and Hussam Rahmanian about my work and possible creative trends. "I am confident that being part of the Horizons .. Emerging Artists initiative will give me the opportunity to dive further into my self-reflection and explore more about my creativity."

The nest .. in the eye oasis

“A few years ago I created a synthetic work called The Nest, which was a cylindrical space designed to embrace a specific visual scene,” said commissioner Leandro Erlich, based in Buenos Aires and Montevideo. This was a glass sculpture in the form of a cloud located directly under the roof window, and this project combines the delicate elegance and temporary beauty of the cloud with the harsh details of the glass, and the rugged structure surrounding and natural environment ».

“When I was asked to do a new project for Al Ain, I felt it was an ideal opportunity to develop this work, but in a unique way by putting the supporting structure or nest in the oasis of Al Ain. Water is the heartbeat of any oasis, while the cloud is the essence of rain and the true meaning of quenching thirst. ».


A leading and emerging international art gallery to participate in the next edition of Abu Dhabi Art.

Saif Saeed Ghobash:

“Abu Dhabi Art has become a permanent platform, providing a year-round technical program.”