Pollen allergy medication 64% is self-paying NHK public opinion survey September 10 6:37


When NHK's public opinion survey asked about the proposal of the Health Insurance Union that the hay fever treatment, which has the same efficacy as the over-the-counter drug, should be removed from the medical insurance coverage and paid in full, it was "opposite" More than 60% responded.

NHK conducted a public opinion survey using a method called “RDD” for making calls to landline and mobile phone numbers randomly generated by computers for men and women over the age of 18 for three days from the 6th of this month. It was.

The survey targeted 2,368 people and received responses from 1,216 people, or 51%.

In line with the 10% increase in the consumption tax rate, a “reduced tax rate” will be introduced that will keep the tax rate of food and beverages excluding eating out at 8%, and a system will be introduced that returns points to those who paid for cashless payments. .

When asked how well they understand these systems,
▽ 8% "I understand well"
▽ 43% "I understand to some extent"
▽ 31% don't understand much,
▽ "I don't understand at all" was 12%.

When asked how much impact the increasing trade friction between the United States and China would have on the Japanese economy,
▽ "It has a great influence" 29%,
▽ 54% have some influence "
▽ 7%, "not much impact"
▽ “No effect at all” was 1%.

In order to improve public health insurance finances, the Federation of Health Insurance Unions has put forward a proposal that hay fever treatments with the same effect as over-the-counter drugs should be removed from medical insurance coverage and paid in full .
About this recommendation,
▽ "Yes" is 20%,
▽ 64% were against.