Barry Atsma spends a lot of time applying to get hold of acting jobs, but sees nothing of it in return for most of the time. In ninety of the hundred cases he hears nothing anymore, he says in conversation with De Volkskrant .

If the actor is invited, then in half of the cases he grasps the role. Atsma conducted eleven conversations to gain a foothold in Germany and record many audit films. "I have had periods of recording a number of audition films a week," says the 46-year-old actor.

Simply saying a text is not enough, according to Atsma. "You also have to be a bit creative, with the decor for example. I record a scene in the jungle in the garden and at a scene in the hospital I put my bed in the bathroom. It keeps improvising, but that also makes it fun "

Atma starred in 2018 in the film Banker of the Resistance . In the same year he won the Deutscher Schauspielpreis for his role in the German TV series Bad Banks .