Nine mother panda "Ryohama" 19th birthday September 6th 13:03

Rauhin, a female giant panda bred in an animal park in Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture, has become the mother of nine children so far. A gift was given.

The birthday of a female giant panda, “Ryohama”, was bred in Shirahama's animal park “Adventure World”.

On the 6th day of his 19th birthday, he was presented with ice shaped like the number "19", his favorite apples and carrots, and an ice cake decorated with sausage. As soon as Yoshihama approached the ice cake, he was eating apples and carrots.

19-year-old Yoshihama is in his late 50s, compared to humans, and has raised nine children so far, including the female “Saihin” who gave birth in August of last year.

According to the zoo, Yoshihama eats more than 20 kilos daily and is healthy.

A parent and child who visited from Hyogo Prefecture said, “It was cute to eat chicken. I thought it was amazing that I was raising my child even when I was this age. I want you to stay healthy.”