Keikyu accident An employee who was accidentally pressed the emergency button but September 6 at 15:28

In the accidental derailment accident between the Keikyu Line and a large truck that occurred on the 5th, two employees of Keikyu who happened to be on the spot accidentally entered the railroad crossing despite the alarm sounding. I saw that I was pressing the emergency button at the railroad crossing.

According to Keikyu, the two employees were taking a break and passed through the place. At first, they were told to the truck driver who was going to turn in the opposite direction to the railroad crossing, "Is it possible to have it?"

After that, the driver told me that he had given up on making a left turn, so he tried to leave the scene, but the truck now started making a right turn.

The truck has entered the railroad crossing despite the sound of the alarm sound, so it has pressed the “emergency button” located next to the railroad crossing.

However, according to Keikyu, when this level crossing started to sound an alarm sound, an “obstacle detection device” was installed to detect obstacles such as people and cars, so the staff pressed the “emergency button”. Sometimes it means that this device was already working.