Still looking for a good film, series or report for Wednesday evening?, in collaboration with Veronica Superguide, lists the television tips .

Entertainment: As Good as New

9.30 pm - 10.35 pm on SBS6

As Good as New is comparable to RTL's The Repair Show , but with Patty Brard instead of Humberto Tan as presenter. In this episode a more than one hundred year old cradle gets a second life, so that it can last for generations.

Approval program: Het Spijt Me

8.30 pm - 9.30 pm on RTL 4

With the switch from Caroline Tensen to RTL 4, the iconic make-up program Het Spijt Me also returns to television. The unknown hand with the petrol pump flower is missing in this new, hiper version. Tensen is now also moving into the country himself.

Science program: The Psycho Show

20.25 - 21.15 on NPO 3

Eleven years after they were shown together in Spuiten & Slikken, Filemon Wesselink and Sophie Hilbrand return with De Psycho Show . The duo delves into the complex functioning of psychology and the human brain.

Building sand sculptures competition: Aan 't Zand

20.35 - 21.25 on NPO1

After the Omroep MAX hit Heel Holland Bakt , the senior citizen broadcaster will once again start using shapes and tassels. This time without an oven, but with buckets and scoops. Because in Aan 't Zand , no signature cakes, but sand sculptures are built. Marlijn Weerdenburg keeps the six creative people in line. Will there be such misses again as these creations from Heel Holland Bakt ?

Action movie: London Has Fallen

8.30 pm - 10.20 pm at Veronica

London Has Fallen is the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, which was about the violent takeover of the White House. In this section, all leaders of the Western world are present at the British Prime Minister's funeral. Terrorists try to kill these leaders. The main roles are played by Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman.

London has fallen - Trailer

The new part of the series is now in the cinema and you can watch the trailer here.