A large-scale blackout at Tokyu Toyoko Store is significantly delayed. Tokyo Shibuya September 4, 12:26


On the morning of the 4th, a power outage occurred at a part of the Tokyu Department Store, which is adjacent to Shibuya Station in Tokyo. The customer is not in the store and has no effect.

According to the Tokyu Department Store, at around 7am on the 4th, a large-scale power outage occurred at the Tokyu Department Store Toyoko branch adjacent to Shibuya Station on the first and upper floors of the West Building and the South Building except for the basement.

For this reason, the Toyoko store delayed its opening from 10:00 am.

There are no customers in the store and there is no impact.

According to Tokyu Department Store, the detailed cause is unknown, but restoration work has been completed on some floors, the shutters are opened at noon and the business is resumed sequentially, and customers waiting outside go to the store one after another I went in.

According to Tokyu Department Store, this is the first major power outage.

The Toyoko store opened as the predecessor “Toyoko Department Store” in 1934 in 1934, but with the redevelopment around Shibuya Station, the operation is scheduled to end at the end of March next year except for some floors.

Customer "Closed and surprised"

At the store, the shutter was lowered, and a sticker stating “We are waiting to open the store due to a power outage” was informed to the visiting customers that they were not open.

Also, the passage to Shibuya Station was dim with the lights off.

The woman who visited said, “I came here for a meal but was in trouble. I look for another store.”

Another woman was surprised, "I came to buy food but I was surprised that it was closed.