High school student suicide in the classroom or just before life guidance is "no problem" school Gifu September 4 14:34

On the 3rd, in a high school classroom in Gifu City, a male student was found dead with a rope wrapped around his neck and was suspected of having committed suicide. As for the school side, “I did not do anything, and there was no problem in teaching.”

Around 5:40 pm on the 3rd, in a private high school in Gifu City, a 17-year-old male student was found wearing a nylon rope wrapped around his neck and was taken to the hospital. Was confirmed dead.

There were no wills in the classrooms or students' homes, but the police are investigating that they committed suicide based on the situation at the scene.

The whole school meeting was held on the morning of the 4th at the school, and the story was explained by the principal.

According to the school and the police, students were instructed in a separate classroom during the afternoon class from a teacher in charge of homeroom teachers and student guidance regarding troubles with other students.

The two teachers instructed the students to wait in the classroom after school, and left the classroom to contact their parents. When another teacher confirmed the classroom about two hours later, I found that the students were hanging around with a rope wrapped around them.

The school vice president responded to the student: “I thought I should have spent a little more time with my students, but I did n’t do that, and there was no problem with teaching. I could confirm bullying. Not. "