The presentation job of Jandino Asporaat during the football gala on Monday evening did not go down well with everyone. On Tuesday, in the morning show on Q-music, Asporaat admitted that his jokes about, among others, Johan Derksen were perhaps a bit too loud. Derksen said on Tuesday at Veronica Inside on Radio Veronica that he did not blame Asporate, but did criticize Talpa.

Derksen wondered aloud what everyone is concerned about: "I haven't been following it all day, but it all seems to get quite loose. We gave Jandino a few twists before the gala because it totally It is not suitable to present a football gala. It is a comedian, but I have never even been able to smile at that man. But a comedian should not have long toes, he hands out. kick back. "

The analyst of Veronica Inside was surprised that Asporaat fixed himself on one subject: "He really hung up his whole performance on us. I am self-deprecated and if a hard joke is made about me, I can laugh about that. I feel I am not worried about it, I am not really bothered about that. I would say to Jandino: seek professional help. He always laughs at his own jokes, which are never fun. There will be people who like him, but when I see his ratings, that is only a very small target group. "

With his cap, Derksen cannot understand why Asporaat was asked for the presentation of the football gala. "It is a B artist who had nothing to do; a smiling empty head. He always shouts like that. Talpa apparently wanted something special. But there is someone behind a desk who has no knowledge of television. Jandino does not fit in at all It was shocking. But this was not the fault of Jandino, but of the Talpa who put him there. "

Asporaat started its stand-up with a sneer in the direction of presenter and football analyst Johan Derksen who had previously said something about the teeth of Asporaat in his television program Veronica Inside .

Asporate made a joke about Derksen and not everyone liked the end. "If you get the chance to get the VI men out of the tube half an hour earlier, I'll take that chance. You know, Johan Derksen is just cooking in sulfur right now. Johan Derksen, your mother!"

On Twitter the daughter of Derksen, Marieke Derksen, reacted indignantly: "Johan lost his mother when he was 31 and I my mother when I was just 12."

In the morning show on Q-music, Asporaat admits that his jokes may have been a bit too loud and wrong. When asked whether the comedian should have accepted this presentation job - since he had said he knew nothing about sports - he responded with a resolute 'no'.

"Apart from the stand-up, the conversations with the players were all very nice and I had a great evening", says Asporaat.


Jandino Asporaat lashes out at Derksen during stand-up comedy at football gala