I WRITTEN Lucia Méndez in this newspaper on Sunday: « The current framework for avoiding elections has been reduced to Pablo Iglesias surrendering» . And it is clear that never in political life has any agreement emerged - from investiture, from government coalition or from legislature - with the surrender of one of the members of that agreement. The defeated surrender. And between a winner and a vanquished there are no pacts that are worth. In recent weeks, mutual distrust between Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias has increased and has moved to the two organizations . The declarations in this atypical month of August political of the spokesmen of the Government and of the socialists, Isabel Celaá and José Luis Ábalos, on the one hand, and of those of United We can, with Pablo Echenique at the head, on the other, have been certifying that nobody from one party trusts anyone from the other.

Will that agreement be possible before September 23? Precisely that distrust suggests that no. The acting Government rejected the coalition in July and Celaá has been in charge of remembering it every Friday in August. It does not seem, then, that Sanchez reverses now and grants Iglesias something that he has always refused: that the leader of Podemos or someone from that party can become a kind of president of the bis government that shadows him, as It has happened in Italy, where Vice President Salvini eclipsed Prime Minister Conte.

Thus, the only move left from the left to avoid elections is for Iglesias to accept socialist conditions: a parliamentary support based on a program in principle agreed upon. That the president in office today presents to society and that next week he intends to talk to Iglesias.

And here we have the contradiction that reveals the president's intention. Because with his performance since the end of July he has shown that he does not seek the support of United We can as a legislature partner or, at least, that he would only accept it after a descent of pants - the surrender - of Iglesias. The demonstration is the 300 measures that it has prepared after its mediated meetings with organizations from different social fields. Because if he really sought a legislature agreement with Podemos, Sanchez should have negotiated before with Churches on those 300 measures. Pretending that whoever you consider your preferred partner accepts a program that you have spoken with everyone but him is humiliating, isn't it?

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