Singer Demi Lovato makes her appearance in the final season of the reboot of Will & Grace . According to The Hollywood Reporter, the American artist plays a "spicy and careful woman".

The American entertainment website also reports that Lovato's storyline coincides with that of the character Will, played by Erick McCormack.

Although the series will not be released until 2020, The Hollywood Reporter has managed to find out some details about the last, and in total eleventh, series. Patton Oswalt, for example, plays the character Danley Walker, the brother of Karens (Megan Mullally) former husband.

It is not clear whether David Schwimmer, who was seen more and more often as Grace's partner (Debra Messing) in the previous season, in one of the eighteen new episodes. What is likely is that Will will marry his friend Noah (Matt Bomer). After all, Will accepted a marriage proposal from his friend in the second season.

In the reboot of Will & Grace the story about the heterosexual Grace and the gay Will was told again and many parts from the previous seasons are omitted.

When the last season can be seen in the Netherlands has not been announced yet.