Yuru Chara Grand Prix 1st Kapal Garbage Truck starts business on September 2, 17:05


A garbage truck designed for the local character “Kapal” in Shiki City, Saitama Prefecture, which was selected as No. 1 in the last year's Yuru Chara Grand Prix, was introduced and started operations on the 2nd.

Newly introduced is a garbage truck designed with “Kapal”, a local character with a kappa motif that appears in folk tales in Shiki City. The figure of Kapal calling for the use of an eco bag is drawn on the car body.

In addition to “reduce” to reduce waste, “reuse” to use repeatedly, “recycle” to be used as a resource, the concept of “4R” is introduced, which adds “refuse” to refuse unwanted items such as plastic bags. .

This collection vehicle has been used on site for two days, and Kapal has also helped in the garbage collection site.

The city wants to reduce the amount of plastic waste by about 25% over the next 10 years by instilling the “Refuse” initiative. Mr. Hirokazu Kohinata, Director of the Shiki City Environment Promotion Division, says, “I want you to think about whether plastic bags are really necessary, and to help reduce plastic waste.”