- I would say that about half are positive and half negative. Some are really negative about tax money being spent on crime, others for the first time think that SVT delivers an exciting program, says Pernilla Ståhl, communications manager.

The program, which had its premiere on Sunday, is based on ten ordinary Askersund residents to carry out a coup. They will steal SEK 50 million, hide the change and return to everyday life. At the same time, fourteen retired police officers will find both the money and the thieves.

Dissatisfied viewers and reviewers

According to the program description, the police should use the same methods as in a real criminal investigation. The most upset viewers believe that the series risks inspiring thieves and revealing the police's working methods. A viewer writes:

“When I didn't think SVT could sink lower, you do a Sunday series about glorifying the country's crime at the best broadcast time. It's enough now! We have enough of REAL crime in Sweden. We definitely don't need a painting of this. That's MY tax you use. I demand an end to this. "

But when the program has had its premiere, the reviewers agree: the series offers nothing for criminals, however, the premiere was "on the verge of criminally boring", writes Karolina Fjellborg at Aftonbladet. In addition, the title is thin, says both Karolina Fjellborg and Anders Björkman at Expressen.