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Overtime work illegally in more than half of local governments in Nara NHK survey | NHK News


While long working hours are a problem, NHK is a local government employee in Nara Prefecture that needs to conclude a “36 Agreement” on overtime work between labor and management…

Overtime work illegally in more than half of Nara Prefecture NHK survey September 2, 15:32

While long working hours have become a problem, NHK has investigated the types of occupations that need to tie the “36 Agreement” on overtime work among local government employees in Nara Prefecture. I found that I was working overtime illegally without tying up.

Among local government employees, some occupations responsible for garbage collection, security, etc. will not allow overtime work unless they conclude a 36 agreement between labor and management based on the Labor Standards Law.

As a result of NHK investigating the status of the conclusion of this 36 agreement in 39 municipalities in Nara Prefecture, as of July 1st, more than 22 municipalities such as Nara City, Yamato Koriyama City, Yamato Takada City, etc. I found out that I was illegally working overtime without signing in.

Some municipalities have been working overtime exceeding 80 hours per month, which is considered to be an overworked death line. Of these, in Kawai Town, a total of 33 people exceeded 80 hours per month in the last three years.

Some of them were close to 150 hours.

Toshihiko Tanaka, Deputy Mayor of Kawai Town, said, “I think it was the ultimate pain. I think it was irrelevant to the government. Other local governments also explained that they were treated as occupations that are not subject to the 36 Agreement, and that they are in the process of making adjustments.

NHK survey

NHK's interview revealed that Nara City was illegally working overtime without signing a 36-agreement in the midst of death from overwork and overwork.

In response, the NHK Nara Broadcasting Station independently conducted a survey on 39 municipalities in the prefecture including Nara City for similar problems.

In the survey, we sent a survey form to the department in charge of labor management, and asked how many employees are in the occupations covered by the 36 Agreement and whether the 36 Agreement was concluded.

In response, all municipalities responded by August.

What is the "36 Agreement"?

As the name suggests, the 36 Agreement is an agreement between the management of companies and labor unions based on Article 36 of the Labor Standards Act.

As a general rule, the Labor Standards Law prohibits workers from working overtime.

However, based on Article 36, the labor and management can decide the upper limit of overtime work, etc., and after having signed an agreement, report it to the Labor Standards Inspection Office etc., you can order workers to work overtime.

This mechanism is called the “36 Agreement”.

On the other hand, police officers, fire department staff, and local civil servants working in government offices are clearly stipulated in the Labor Standards Law that they can work overtime when required by public affairs. not.

However, some occupations, such as staff working at waterworks, health centers, and garbage incineration facilities, are not allowed to work overtime unless they have 36 agreements.

According to the labor bureau, such occupations can be carried out in the private sector, so the same rules for worker protection as in the private sector are applied.

Expert “very problematic”

Daisuke Kitaoka, a former labor standards inspector and social insurance laborer, said, “It is very problematic that the municipalities that are instructing and supervising the private sector in accordance with the law are not complying with the law. It is criticized that there may be an aspect that it is not.

On top of that, “There is no 36 agreement means that there are basically no rules for working hours, so there is a concern that work style reform will not progress and it will become a factor that accompanies some sort of long working hours.” is.

Source: nhk

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