Document sent in Kawasaki 20 killing case 51-year-old man who committed suicide September 2, 10:03

In May, an accident involving the death of 20 elementary school students waiting for a school bus in Kawasaki City, the police killed a 51-year-old man who committed suicide on the scene stabbed a sixth-grade girl and a 39-year-old man On the 2nd, I was sent a document on suspicion of murder and attempted murder.

The document was sent to suspect Iwazaki Ryuichi (51) in Aso-ku, Kawasaki City.

In May, elementary school students and their parents who were waiting for the school bus on the street in Tama Ward, Kawasaki City were stabbed one after another with a knife, and 6th grade elementary school student Hanako Kuribayashi (11) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Satoshi Koyama (39) died, and a 45-year-old woman and 17 children were seriously injured.

As a result of investigating that Iwasaki suspected that the police committed suicide after the incident caused the incident, the students got one after another holding the kitchen knife brought from home from the video of the school bus drive recorder etc. The police suspected Iwasaki suspected of murder and attempted murder on the 2nd because the suspicion of attack was strengthened.

According to the survey so far, suspect Iwasaki visited the site 4 days and 6 days before the incident, and after walking around the site 6 days before, the figure walking near the elementary school where the child attends is also a security camera. It was that it was reflected in.

On the other hand, the investigation was terminated because the motives of the interviews with relatives were not elucidated.