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What can you do to lose weight what you have gained this holiday?


It is estimated that, every summer, we return from vacation with between three and six kilos more. The change of habits, the lack of control over meals and the 'I deserve it' translates into


It is estimated that, every summer, we return from vacation with between three and six kilos more. The change of habits, the lack of control with meals and the 'I deserve it' translates into an increase in weight that becomes more evident when trying to re-enter the clothes that, weeks before, we were nickel-plated.

"One of the main causes for which we gain weight is that, during the summer, our intestinal transit does not work well because we eat more meals with fat and less fiber. In addition, we do not exercise enough. All this causes us to retain fluid and we are more bloated, "María Amaro, a nutrition expert at Clínica Feel Good (Madrid), gives us some clues.

Launching desperately into the arms of the miracle diets is, according to this expert, the worst we can do in this scenario. "Nothing to obsess or crush us with beastly hypocaloric regimes. The only way to lose those kilos that we have taken so quickly is to apply common sense to achieve it gradually and, above all, healthy."


The first thing, therefore, would be to resume good manners even before returning home: "It is essential to recover our usual meal times; make five intakes, three main and two healthy snacks in the middle of the morning and afternoon (some piece of fruit or nuts) to not sit at the table very hungry. "

Goodbye fried, bag potatoes and rounded chains of reeds. "At the same time that we reduce the consumption of fats and salt to the maximum, we must increase that of fish (especially whites that are hypocaloric), vegetables and fruits. It is not necessary to completely remove the beers but to limit their consumption. With one, enough. "

Speaking of drinks, Amaro recommends avoiding, in addition to alcohol, "soft drinks, soda and packaged juices" and remember that "fasting water helps activate metabolism, as well as helping to avoid constipation." It also highlights the beneficial effects of tea: "Green has satiating, laxative properties and is an antioxidant that helps digestive processes."


Moving further is the other commandment that has to be fulfilled to re-enter the jeans without popping the zipper. What would be the most interesting options from less to more demanding? Here are some proposals:

Walking: it is the simplest aerobic physical activity we can perform. The goal would be to walk every day, if possible at a vigorous pace, for a minimum of 30 minutes. The challenge could be to complete those 10,000 steps (a few kilometers) that the wellness gurus advise us. For best results, look for sloped paths and alternate peaks of greater and lesser intensity. Alternatives? Ride a bike, swim, skate, dance or, if you are in good shape, run (three days a week).

High intensity training in 7 minutes

'HIIT': Fast, easy and effective, high intensity interval training can be done anywhere but, beware, they are not intended for all audiences. You have to enjoy a good state beforehand to get the most out of them. In addition to improving endurance, they strengthen the muscles of the entire body.

Training to not gain weight on vacation

Strength routines : A powerful muscle is the best natural calorie burning possible. With your own body weight, elastic bands or dumbbells, strength work is essential, especially after 40. It is essential to have the advice of a professional who designs a custom plan.

Let's go for it!

Foods that will help you burn fat

Drop down

This nutritionist recommends adding the following foods to the shopping list:

1. Ginger. "It is a purifying root. It stimulates metabolism and promotes fat loss."

2. The peppers. "They have to be spicy because they contain capsaicin, a chemical that improves the burning of resting calories. How? It stimulates the part of the brain that controls body temperature and this implies that we consume more energy."

3. The avocado. "It helps the release of insulin and helps absorb calcium."

4. Celery. "Its high fiber content increases the feeling of satiety. It regulates metabolic processes, contributing to greater fat loss."

5. Quinoa. "Rich in protein and fiber, it provides nutrients such as iron, zinc, selenium or vitamin E".

According to the criteria of

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