Director Mike van Diem, who won an Oscar for Karakter , will film the novel We do what we can of Lykele Muus. Producer Nuts & Bolts Film Company has obtained the film rights of the book. Van Diem is responsible for the scenario and the direction.

We do what we can about two families with friends, each with a daughter. After a tragic accident during a holiday by the sea, the girls end up in the hospital. One is in a coma, the other is fine. But if the relationships completely tilt, the four parents are faced with an impossible choice under extreme time pressure.

Van Diem made the Bordewijk adaptation Karakter in 1997, about the difficult relationship between a father and his son. It then took almost twenty years before Van Diem realized a new film, the black comedy De Surprise . In 2017, the director shot the romantic tragicomedy Tulipani .

Lykele Muus is a writer and actor for theater, film and television. His debut Eland (2015) was nominated for the ANV Debutantenprijs and the Hebban Debuutprijs. We do what we can was praised by the press and public and was a book of the month of June in the television program M.