Kawasaki 20 people killed 51-year-old man who committed suicide To document sending today September 2 6:47

In May, an accident involving the death of 20 elementary school students waiting for a school bus in Kawasaki City, the 51-year-old man who committed suicide on the scene, stabbed a sixth-grade girl and a 39-year-old man. As a result of murder, we will send documents on the suspicion of murder and attempted murder on the 2nd.

In May, elementary school students and their parents who were waiting for the school bus on the street in Tama Ward, Kawasaki City were stabbed one after another with a knife, and 6th grade elementary school student Hanako Kuribayashi (11) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Satoshi Koyama (39) died, and a 45-year-old woman and 17 children were seriously injured.

As a result of investigating that suspected Ryuichi Iwasaki (51), who committed suicide on the scene after the incident, caused the incident, a child holding a knife brought from home from both the video of a school bus drive recorder, etc. The suspicion that attacked them one after another became stronger.

According to investigators, suspect Iwasaki had visited the scene 4 days and 6 days before the incident, and 6 days before this, the camera walked near the elementary school where the children attended was shown on the security camera. Is new.

The police will send documents to Suspect Iwasaki on the 2nd for murder and attempted murder.

On the other hand, although they proceeded with interviews with relatives, they did not elucidate their motives.

Elementary school school bus service resumed

The second semester is scheduled to start from the 2nd at the private Caritas Elementary School where the children who were damaged in this incident attended.

According to the school, from the second semester, after the incident, the school bus that had been scheduled for service will resume.

Also, all the children who were injured in the incident and were hospitalized so far have been discharged.

In addition to providing a point of contact for inquiries about school life during the summer vacation, the school has adopted a new full-time school counselor from the second semester and has expanded its attitude to care for children's hearts. is.

“We would like to continue to provide individual care for children with physical and mental injuries,” says Hiroaki Takamatsu, Executive Director of Caritas Gakuen.