A girl, killed after a tragic incident, fell in a dark road on a street in Pembrokeshire, western Wales.

The 25-year-old young home care worker Vanessa Collins-Smith suddenly got out of a taxi after a fight with a driver for not using her seat belt, the Metro reported.

The newspaper said that two vehicles were walking in the dark street managed to avoid the collision with the girl who suddenly appeared on the road, but was hit by a third car, which was killed.

The driver of the car in which she was struck said he had not seen her, as she was wearing black clothes.

The taxi driver said in his testimony that he had repeatedly asked the girl to wear a seatbelt, but she refused, and when the warning sounded in the vehicle she got worse for him.

In the end, the girl got out of the vehicle without paying the fare, following a quarrel, but found herself in a dark street, where a speeding car killed her.

But the victim's mother raised doubts about the driver's account, saying in a British court that her daughter had never objected to wearing seat belts in cars.