At the invitation of ZEIT ONLINE, committed people between the ages of 20 and 29 will meet this weekend at the Z2X19 festival in Berlin. This text of the YouTuber Mirella Precek was part of the program as a lightning lecture. According to which rules we as organizers report about the festival and our world improver community Z2X, read here.

I've been producing videos on YouTube for over six years, posting pics on Instagram, podcasting, and thus, at least to a degree, being a public figure. One thing that has been with me all these years is the countless comments and the value of everything What I do in public.

I remember very well the very first Hate comment: "You're shit, the music is shit. Never make more videos." Of course that was only the beginning - and the criticism became more and more meticulous over the years.

For example, I recently showed which Fair Fashion items I have indulged in in recent months. Underneath a red two-piece, so rock and top with white hearts on it, the ichgern would like to wear a wedding of friends. In no time I learned that I'm pretty naughty, because I would steal the show with my white hearts and the 2cm belly cut of the bride. And by the way, red means having sex with the groom. Pretty brazen of me! Apart from the two commentators, nobody else in my environment had heard of this rule.

About three years ago, I weighed 15 kilograms more and was afraid for a short time that the Internet would collapse under my weight and the myriad comments. So I have a video power with 20 reasons why I got fat. Like, for example, because I'm allergic to shit comments or have an illness, which is why I can not do sports anymore, or simply because I like myself so much. The video in which I enlighten about Bodyshaming got 79,000 likes and countless positive comments. Of course, but also a few comments that accuse me of playing down obesity or even suffering from an eating disorder.

I post a photo that shows me inJeans and on top without the side. The poor hide my chest and the caption reads " My body, my choices ". Actually pretty straightforward and without much discussion potential because: My body my choices . Myinstagram account, my picutures . Afterwards I also got the F-bomb dropped. I have defined feminism and written that feminism means to stand for a society in which you can live and be self-determined and free regardless of gender.