Jeroen Krabbé feels at home within sixteen years. The 74-year-old artist and actor says that this is mainly due to his great curiosity and childlike energy.

"I continue to be amazed and amazed, I still have that playfulness and enthusiasm," says Krabbé in conversation with De Telegraaf .

"That curiosity in particular, I want to discover. Fortunately. You also have to be youthful reckless and have a childlike energy to dare to take on such a big white canvas."

The painter and actor turns 75 on December 5, the age at which his colleague Rutger Hauer died in July. Krabbé calls his unexpected death a "huge shock". "Rutger was someone who wouldn't die. A powerful sea buck."

The artist hopes to "add another ten to fifteen years". "Fortunately, you can live pain-free these days; I am a strong believer in euthanasia. The only thing I hope is that my children and grandchildren say: we had a great time with you."