Her own fitness company, her own magazine, attending bus events, more than a million followers on Instagram, and nearly a million subscribers to her YouTube channel. ) Made surprising success stories based on her successful weight loss story. But now, at the age of 24, she has decided to end it.

Last week, Tiel published a video explaining why she was pulling out of her social media channels, saying, "I need time to come back for myself." Mindfulness and new content, noting that it's like a full-time job. ”

Thiel does not want to talk anymore about her decision. Her business has confirmed that "Sofia is out now and is not ready, until further notice, to conduct an interview." There has already been speculation before her retirement that the 24-year-old woman has recently appeared less on social media.

Thiel said in her video clip that she announced her retirement that she was not agile by nature and had to be very disciplined to maintain her agility.
Power Publishing suspended the second issue of Sophia Tel Magazin until further notice.
Thiel said she was working recently "like a machine. Unfortunately, in the meantime, there's not much of the disregard I started with," she said, adding that she wants to get power and power first.

Victoria Van Violens, the influential figure on social media, says "this is important." Last year, she wrote a book about her depression. In her book, she explains the role her job plays in depression.

The psychologist, Friedrich Gerstenberg of the German Federation of Psychologists, described it as "a phenomenon that deserves attention."