“Homosexual gene” does not exist International group announced August 30 13:22

As a result of analyzing genes for 500,000 people who replied that they had had the same sex and sexual acts, an international group has found that there is no specific gene strongly related to human sexual orientation Announced. Human sexual orientation is determined by factors such as multiple genes and the environment.

Groups of people such as Massachusetts General Hospital in the United States and Queens University in Australia use the genetic data stored by research institutions, etc., and the genes of people who answered that they had sex and sex in a preliminary questionnaire survey About 500,000 data were analyzed using a method called genome-wide association analysis.

As a result, we found five genes that might be statistically related to sexual activity with the same sex, such as those related to male thinning hair and parts related to odors, but their roles are limited. The group concludes that there are no specific genes that are strongly associated with human sexual orientation.

The group said, “Similar to many other human behaviors, sexual orientation was again suggested that genetic factors and environmental factors are complexly linked together.” It is impossible to predict a person's sexual orientation from this analysis.

In addition, NPO and GLAAD, which raises knowledge about sexual minorities, said that “the research results are not for discussing the identity of sexual minorities” "We have been given further evidence."

This paper will appear in Science, an American scientific journal dated 30th of this month.