According to Jack Ma, the founder of the Chinese giant Alibaba, artificial intelligence will significantly ease the workload. Predictions that echo the debate of Benoît Hamon during the presidential campaign on the future of the world of work.

"Thanks to artificial intelligence, we will only work 12 hours a week!", Says Jack Ma, the boss of Alibaba, the Chinese Internet giant.

We should already be on the weekend since Wednesday night since according to the boss of Alibaba, with artificial intelligence, we will only work three days a week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and just four hours a day. Which makes us many 12-hour weeks.
Alibaba's boss was attending a global conference on artificial intelligence to talk about the digital world, its spectacular progress and helping us every day.
For example, when writing a sentence in an email, we suggest the end of the sentence. The software guesses what you are going to write, even before you write it. What a time saver!
That's what Jack Ma says, artificial intelligence is not going to kill work but make it easier by removing all the tasks that can be modeled and automated.

In this world of robots, will there be work for everyone?

That's the question ! What is certain is that in this automated world where robots will be everywhere, employees will be asked to be creative and imaginative.
That's why (and that's what the boss of Alibaba and many others say), we need to review our school system so that we are less in learning and more in creativity, by developing the students' imagination.
For this, we must do but the human sciences in place of mathematics, philosophy, history, literature or art. It must be transversal. "Our children should read three books a week," says Laurent Alexandre, the leading French specialist in artificial intelligence.
In this eve of school year and contrary to what one might believe, to succeed in this digital world, we must be more literary than mathematical.