The theater of the Officers' Club in the Sudanese capital Khartoum has been filled with cheers and admiration for the attitude of the artist Nancy Ajaj during her last concert, where she took off the mic and went to a fan and prevented him from her bodyguard who moved to prevent him from reaching the artist who started performing her song. Famous «I love you».

One of the fans of the audience went to the stage to give the artist a bouquet of roses to move towards him two bodyguards to prevent him, but the rapid reaction of the artist to go towards him and receive the roses from him and then bending in recognition of him made «Bodyguard» amid applause and shouts of admiration by the audience The camp.

According to the site «Kush News» pioneers of social networking sites who followed the ceremony on «YouTube», the position of the artist Nancy and expressed great admiration for her sense of and respect for her audience, where one of them wrote: «You salute, high school in the sense of delicate» and another expressed his love and admiration for the artist Where he said: «We all love you and adore you your voice, taste the taste of our Lord keeps you».