The UAE Pavilion in the Arab Quarter of the Okaz Souk Festival, hosted in its historic location in Taif, Saudi Arabia, hosts the UAE Heritage Village, which offers panoramic historical paintings inspired by the architectural and social style of the old folk neighborhoods. The Heritage Village showcases a variety of handicrafts that have been crafted by Emirati production families, including palm fronds, local fashion such as kandora, men and women, burqa, antiques and home decorations such as incense burners and decorative textiles, as well as locally manufactured perfumes and smokers. Emirati heritage that is still used to this day.

Ladies have a great deal of reception, where they have the opportunity to learn about traditional Emirati decorations, and experience the henna sessions offered by a group of creative women in this field, who grind and prepare the henna mix in the traditional way in front of visitors. In addition to the UAE jewelery in its forms and designs dazzling and distinctive.

The UAE pavilion is delighted with groups of children who play ancient games that reflect the diverse environments of the UAE community, whether urban, coastal or desert, as well as mountainous.

For those interested in heritage arts, they can go to the main exhibition platform in the Arab neighborhood daily, to follow the performances of the Ayala, Harbiyeh, Yawla, and others, and to get acquainted closely to those artistic styles where the verses of poetry converge with harmonious show movements, which express a range of feelings, including equestrian and fun and joy. And victory.