Suspected of touching a girl in a park 87-year-old man arrested Tokyo, Edogawa-ku, August 29, 14:10

An 87-year-old man was arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department for touching the body of an elementary school girl who was playing last month in a park in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo. It means that the charges are denied to the investigation.

Arrested by unemployed Haruo-cho, Edogawa Ward, Susumu Utsugi (87).

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, suspect Utsugi is suspected of being indecent for touching the lower body of a third grader girl who was playing with a friend in a park near his home on 31st of last month.

He called another girl who was playing with him, saying, “Turn your breasts,” and refused. When the girl refused, he touched the body of the victim's girl nearby. The girls rushed to a nearby house for help.

Utsugi was previously reported in this park as having grabbed another girl's arm, and the Metropolitan Police Department investigated the situation and arrested.

In response to the investigation, he stated that he was not doing what I did and denied it.