The webpage that was online for some time on Wednesday and seemed to give Rotterdam away as the location of the Eurovision Song Contest, could be seen due to a technical error, reports the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the organization of the Song Festival.

"During the preparations for the announcement of the host city coming Friday, pages for both cities have been created on the website so that they will be ready for publication during the announcement," EBU says.

"Due to a problem at the back of the website, both pages were online for a short time. This problem has now been solved."

Wednesday was a temporary web page on which Rotterdam was listed as the location of the Songfestival. After several people and media reported on this, the page for Maastricht came online a short time later. Some time later the pages were deleted again.

According to the organization, the location of the Eurovision Song Contest will be announced at a press conference next Friday at noon as planned.

A print screen of the site.