Aiming to establish a support base for the Tokyo Olympics and Para, the first meeting August 27, 17:23

At the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, local governments aiming to set up a “support village” as a support base nationwide set up an executive committee, and the first meeting was held in Toba City, Mie Prefecture.

“Supporting villages” were established at 2000 locations nationwide as a base for volunteers from local governments, corporations, and experts to support and share the excitement of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. We plan to have you experience the food and provide local specialties.

On the 27th, the first meeting of the Executive Committee was held at a hotel in Toba City, and approximately 30 people including local government leaders, university professors, and writers attended to discuss how to proceed with future plans.

The Executive Committee will summarize the implementation guidelines for support villages in October, and will hold venues until June next year, and will open a “pre-support village” within the year to appeal widely.

“I think it ’s important to create a system that anyone can support anytime and anywhere. I wanted to do it. "