The first landing of saury, much lower than last year Miyagi Kesennuma Port August 27, 11:31

In the morning of the 27th in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, which boasts one of the largest saury landings in Japan, saury were landed for the first time. The amount of landed is much lower than last year, and the fishermen are worried.

In the morning of the 27th in Kesennuma Port, the number of saury landings last year was the first in the morning at the Kesennuma Port.

However, the amount of landing is about 8 tons, which is much lower than last year's about 65 tons.

On the 20th of this month, the fishing of large boats of 100 tons or more, which is the mainstay, was lifted on the 20th of this month. It was taken in the high seas of the North Pacific.

Mr. Kenji Hamamatsu, the crew member, said, “This is a very tough situation with no saury at all. The fuel cost is not just free, so I am worried about what will happen in the future.”

After that, the landed saury was put on a bid and traded at a high price per kilogram of 800 yen, about 60% higher than last year.

The owner of the fresh fish shop who visited the auction said, “It was expensive for a small one. I heard that it was tough, but I want somehow to catch the fish.”