Aiming to overcome the situation through dialogue

At the press conference on the 27th, Hong Kong ’s top secretary, Moon Moon Rin, said “very disappointing” that some of the demonstrators collided with the police on Saturday and Saturday. Emphasized the idea of ​​a breakthrough through dialogue with citizens.

In Hong Kong, protests against the government and the police continued over a proposal to amend the ordinance that would allow the suspects to be handed over to mainland China. .

Under such circumstances, the Hong Kong government's top secretary, Moon Moon Rong, pointed out that a part of the demonstrators attacked the police using dangerous means such as flame bottles at a press conference on the 27th. It ’s getting worse and it ’s a complete departure from protests. It ’s very disappointing. ”

After that, he said, “Only dialogue with citizens can solve Hong Kong's future problems,” and emphasized the idea of ​​a future breakthrough through dialogue with citizens including participants of the demonstration.