Stock price rise A move to repurchase stocks that have fallen August 27th 13:06

Tokyo stock market on the 27th, Nikkei Stock Average has risen. There has been a move to buy back stocks that have fallen significantly on the 26th, once the excessive caution against US-China trade friction has eased.

The Nikkei Stock Average, the closing price in the morning, is 25,509.33 yen, which is 248.29 yen higher than the closing price on the 26th.

TSE Stock Price Index = 14.58, up 14.58.

The turnover in the morning was 45.17 million shares.

Market officials said, “President Trump's intention to resume trade negotiations with China on the 26th has eased excessive caution about the global economy slowing down, and stock prices in the Asian market where trading began “But there are a wide range of stocks back in the Tokyo market from the morning, but the future is still uncertain and the development of the two countries over friction is likely to continue.”