Price increase Price movement to buy back down stocks August 27 10:16

Tokyo stock market on the 27th, Nikkei Stock Average has risen. This is because excessive alertness against the US-China trade friction has eased, and there is a move to buy back stocks that dropped significantly on the 26th.

The Tokyo Stock Market on the 27th has seen an increase in the Dow average stock price in the New York Stock Market on the 26th.

The rise in stock prices is due to the relief of investors' excessive alertness that the global economy will slow down due to intensifying trade friction from the perspective that trade negotiations between the US and China will resume.

A market official said, `` While the retaliatory battle in which both the US and China impose additional duties on each other's imports escalates, President Trump showed positively on the market that he would resume trade negotiations with China on the 26th However, the uncertain situation remains, such as whether negotiations will actually be realized, and the development of the two countries over friction is likely to continue. "