Empress Empress and flutes at the International Music Festival August 27, 17:57


The Empress attended an international music festival held in Gunma Prefecture, and enjoyed playing the piano with an ensemble with world-famous flute players.

Following the Karuizawa Town in Nagano Prefecture, the Empress, who has been resting in Kusatsu Town, Gunma Prefecture since 27th, visited the “Kusatsu Forest” where the International Music Festival is held.

I participated in a workshop where I could receive performance advice from the world's leading musicians.

Empress Empress was one of the world's youngest flutes and played a piano with an Austrian Karl Heinz Schütz and played a beautiful melody.

The song was “Swan” by Saint-Saens, and Empress was eagerly asked in English about how to change the tempo.

When leaving the workshop venue, the emperor walked into the press and told Schutz's performance “I heard it with a very clean sound”.

Empress Emperor is diagnosed with breast cancer relatively early and is scheduled to undergo surgery after next month, and will be staying in Gunma prefecture with Emperor until 30th of this month.