Announcing celebration event Outline of traffic regulations Announcement of traffic closure at Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway, August 27, 4:12

In October, an outline of the large-scale traffic regulations accompanying the celebration event that was held to celebrate the imperial throne was announced. The Metropolitan Police Department calls for a refrain from entering the city center during the period.

On October 22nd, there will be a ceremony where the Emperor declares the throne inside and outside, the “Court of Throne Reform” and a parade. Is also planned.

In order to facilitate these celebrations, the Metropolitan Police Department has announced the outline of its policy to regulate traffic in Tokyo.

According to this, for the two days of October 22nd and 23rd, most of the metropolitan expressway running inside the central loop line and the roads around the hotel where guests stay are intermittently closed. In addition, the celebration parade scheduled on the 22nd is scheduled for a route from the Imperial Palace to Akasaka Imperial Palace, but vehicles are closed in a wide area around the roadside.

As the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department decides on the details of the celebration event, it will publish the details of the traffic regulations anew, and is calling to refrain from entering the city center during the celebration event.