Tomorrow, Dubai Ladies Club will open an open day for all women of all nationalities, which will include a number of events and shows that encourage women to practice sports and lead a healthy life full of vitality and reflected on their health, fitness and happiness.

The open day, which celebrates UAE Women's Day, which falls on August 28th, includes free access to the club, access to its various services and facilities, including swimming pools and the only beach in Dubai for ladies, sports and water events, and also offers a discount on its annual membership Up to 50%. "We are proud of this occasion, which reflects the appreciation of leadership for women and honoring their successes and achievements," said club director Lamia Abdul Aziz Khan, adding that this day has meant a lot to every Emirati, as it is full of motivation, giving and excellence in various fields.

She added that «Dubai Ladies Club organizes a free day open within the framework of the support provided by the campus of HH Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, Her Highness Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of the Dubai Women's Foundation and President of the Dubai Club "By encouraging them to adopt a modern and balanced lifestyle that helps them work and produce, they contribute to their stability and family happiness."

“The theme of this year's UAE Women's Day is' Women are the Symbol of Tolerance '. Women are the seeds of tolerance in societies by educating and raising generations to respect cultural, religious and civilizational diversity and diversity.' Dubai Ladies Club is a microcosm of the UAE. Which embraces on its territory various nationalities, united by love, friendship and human brotherhood ».

On the organization of an open day on this occasion, Lamia Khan said: “During the Women's Day, our doors will be open to all women so that Emirati women can participate in the joy of their special and inspiring day.” She stressed the respect that women of all nationalities in the UAE find and respect their privacy in line with the values ​​of women. This home.

Dubai Ladies Club will open its doors tomorrow to welcome women from all over the country, and allow them to use the beach and participate in many water sports activities, in addition to tanning corner, and a mini exhibition for women entrepreneurs to display their products such as abayas, caftans, jewelry and other members lounge, in addition to the availability of restaurant carts along the beach.


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