"Hikikomori" Supporting local governments forum Okayama Soja August 26, 18:35

A forum was held in Soja City, Okayama Prefecture, where people from “Hikikomori”, who have become a major problem nationwide, discussed with the top local governments and their family members who are focusing on support activities.

The event was held for the first time at the call of Soja City, and approximately 600 people including administrative staff and supporters from various regions participated.

First, the mayors of the five cities focusing on the support activities of the “Hikikomori” parties introduced their efforts.

Among them, the mayor of Toyoaki City, Aichi Prefecture, created a specialized consultation desk where two staff members were stationed last year, and about 60 people have visited for consultation so far, but there are about 600 people who are “hikikomori” in the city. The problem is how to understand and connect to support.

Next, 8 people including “Hikikomori” experienced and their families exchanged opinions and experienced “Hikikomori” for 8 years from the age of 12. Mr. Masahiro Miyatake of Takamatsu City who is now working on support activities said, “The reality of Hikikomori is diverse. And it ’s not easy to get close to each other, ”he said.

In addition, Masatoshi Ito of NPO made by the family of the parties said, “There was an incident in which an elderly parent killed a child who was prone to“ Hikikomori ”, but both the party and the family are aging, and many families are on the brink "I am standing".