Discontinuation of the image of the girl The artist and the citizens discussed “Bridges with people with different opinions” August 25, 23:23

On the 25th, the 12 artists exhibiting at the art festival were canceled in response to the suspension of the exhibition of images of girls symbolizing the comfort women issue at the Aichi Triennale, an international art festival held in Aichi Prefecture. Exchanged opinions in Nagoya City.

At the Aichi Triennale, a corner was set up to display a girl image that symbolizes the comfort women issue under the theme of “impaired expression”. became.

In the vacant store in the shopping district in Nagoya, which is one of the venues, there will be a place for the artists exhibiting at the art festival to talk. I exchanged.

Mr. Tsubasa Kato, one of the callers, explained the purpose of the discussion, “The discussion about whether or not to stop the exhibition is conspicuous, but the reality is more complicated and I want to look carefully.”

From participating artists, “It is meaningful to convey the fact that freedom of expression has been regulated, but it is necessary to be well prepared to show it.” “Artists understand citizens more about art. I should make an effort to get it. "

The citizens who participated expressed their opinion that it was strange to try to achieve freedom of expression using taxes.

Mr. Kato said, “I felt it was important to bridge people with different opinions from an artist's perspective.”