Macau's top administrative director Makoto Kaichi boosted by the pro-Chinese group on August 25 at 16:32

In Macau, which will be 20 years after being returned to China, an election to select the top administrative chief is held, and with the support of the pro-Chinese faction, only one candidate nominated from the election committee is elected did.

The chief executive secretary of Macau, a special administrative region of China, is selected by a member's vote from candidates nominated by the election committee by representatives of many pro-Chinese circles.

This time, only one new member, Mr. Makoto Kaichi (62), who served as the chairman of the legislative assembly, which is the parliament, and Macau representative of the National People's Congress in China, was nominated as a candidate and voted on the 25th. Of the committee members, 392 votes were collected and won.

Macau has returned to China from Portugal for 20 years. Like Hong Kong, Macao has developed economic and economic ties with China under the same system of two countries and developed in tourism.

Adjacent Hong Kong continues to protest, but Macau has a small democratic influence, and this election had no impact.

The term of office of the chief executive is five years, and Mr. Ga said that the promotion of the project “Daiwan District” by the Chinese government, which aims to develop as an economic zone combining Macau, Hong Kong, and Guangdong Province in the southern part of China. The challenge is whether to diversify the industry in order to reduce dependence on 80% casinos.

At the press conference after the election, Mr. Kaga said, “I will maintain the same system of two countries in one country,” and expressed his aspiration, “I want to make use of the Owan Ward concept and develop it together.”