On the 28th of August, Strata Manufacturing, a wholly owned aerospace company that is fully owned by Mubadala Investment Company, celebrates the day by highlighting the integral and essential role played by three Emirati women in the company. Through their work alongside a group of national women who make up nearly 90% of the total national cadres in the company. The company celebrates 10 years of its inception, and the role played by Emirati women with their determination and strength in achieving many of the achievements witnessed by the company during the decade of its inception, enabling the company, based in Al Ain, to occupy a place in the global value chains For the aircraft body parts industry. “Attracting national talent with the required skills and enabling them to lead the company's growth in the global aviation industry is a measure of its success over the past decade,” said Strata Chief Executive Ismail Ali Abdullah. Strata focuses on recruiting talent and skills without any distinction between men and women as we look for the right people to support the company's growth.

In celebration of Emirati Women's Day, Strata female leaders shared their stories to encourage the next generation of young Emirati women.