President Trump is suspicious of attending G7

US President Trump has been dissatisfied with his friends, arguing that the G7 Summit will not be productive over the G7 Summit in France Media reported.

American CNN TV said over the weeks that President Trump attended the G7 summit that opened in Biarritz, southwestern France, “Why should I attend instead of using productive time?” I questioned and told them that they were dissatisfied with the aides.

President Trump talked to Prime Minister Abe and French President Macron, who chaired the G7 summit, and was persuaded to attend.

President Trump said at the G7 summit held in Canada last year, he left the venue without waiting for the closing, and immediately after that, the summit declaration adopted by Twitter was not accepted.

Last week, he expressed strong dissatisfaction with the G7, such as appealing to the G7 Summit that Russia should be returned to G8.

With regard to President Trump's remarks, there are views that are concerned that it may reduce the influence of the G7 summit, and there is interest in President Trump's behavior.