Hong Kong The protests continue on the weekend The surveillance camera is destroyed The police tear tears August 24 19:57


In Hong Kong, where protests continue, a demonstration march was held in the commercial area on the 24th of the weekend, and some participants broke surveillance cameras on the street or threw things to the police, while the police teared There is confusion such as shooting bullets and embarking on forced exclusion.

In Hong Kong, protests have continued for more than two months over a draft amendment to the ordinance that will allow suspects to be handed over to mainland China.

On the 24th of the weekend, protests were held in the commercial area of ​​the eastern Kowloon peninsula, and participants marched for complete withdrawal of the ordinance revision and complaints to the police.

A 24-year-old office worker man who participated in the demonstration said, “The government does not answer our demands. We will continue to protest in any way until the government answers.”

In a protest on the 24th, some of the participants broke the surveillance camera because the privacy camera could be violated by the surveillance camera set up on the street by the Hong Kong government.

In addition, confusion has occurred because the police have started to forcibly use tear bombs when some of the protesters threw things toward the police near the police station.

On the other hand, last week, a call through SNS was made to block the road to the airport to disrupt the functioning of Hong Kong International Airport, which had undergone large-scale protests. There was no confusion because he showed his attitude.

In Hong Kong, protests and gatherings are called for on the 25th.