Not even mortal gods can sleep peacefully anymore. The dream of a man who walks through the exquisite world of Opera cradled by universal applause has been altered by a group of women in the choir. Small women, irrelevant to the show, secondary characters on the darkest side of the stage. Invisible women who one day crossed with the God of the Opera and, of course, adored him .

There are gods and gods. Not everyone is the same. The news of the lyrical singers informing the world of the details of the veneration ceremonies of Plácido Domingo caught me watching a series - The loudest voice - in which the obeisances Roger Ailes asked of the women who wanted to be presenters of TV.

Between Sunday and Ailes there are several worlds away. The first is a handsome man, a patron, a Spanish gentleman. Ailes, on the other hand, was a whole picture, incredibly characterized by Russell Crowe in the series. Not even in such a body and in a greasy, macho and chabacano language could great intelligence go unnoticed. The one that led him to create Fox News, a machine for making millions and making news that ended up giving birth to Trump. "I will choose the fucking candidate, Donald is going to show that television has replaced the political scene." The denunciation of the presenters who began to touch their asses when they arrived at his office struck down the God of television.

Domingo and Ailes being so different, the testimonies of the women who revered them sexually coincide in two things. No one could say "no" to God and, many years later, they have not taken them off. They carry them inside their heads. And these relationships did not have the same effect on them as on them .

Roger Ailes calmly swam his almost raw sirloin after his Fox lover knelt before him, while she left the hotel room crying to call her mother. Placido Domingo was so exultant on stage, while his singers became "small as people," according to the testimony of one of them. The artist himself - with a more serene attitude than his scandalized fans - has recognized that "values" have changed and that he always considered that those "relationships" were spoiled. And he is right. No one can dispossess Placido Domingo of his artistic greatness. We only ask that human gods tend to behave in the same way with the men and women who call their presence.

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